Innovator Insights

Careers in Engineering

Our Mission

"Improving the accessibility of engineering and STEM, one episode at a time"

Innovator Insights is a podcast aims to increase the accessibility of engineering careers to students of all backgrounds. We aim to provide transparency about the various career options in engineering in hopes that students will better understand their own career and personal goals in STEM. While these career-defining choices may seem daunting at first, Innovator Insights aims to make engineering careers as accessible as the phone in your pocket!


Learn about how Professor Davidson and other Human-Centered Design and Engineering students at UW have been creating innovative workshops to introduce students to user-centered design process.

Explore the K-12 resources offered by the University of Washington for aspiring engineers. Learn about the different ways you can start your engineering journey today through readily available online resources!

Read about one of the UW College of Engineering's Pathways for Inclusive Excellence programs centered around increasing the accessibility of engineering degrees to students across Washington state.

Our Podcast

Each podcast episode features a guest speaker in engineering, ranging from engineering professors to industry professionals and leadership figures in STEM. We discuss their unique paths toward engineering, encompassing their distinct life experiences, academic work and research, and past experiences in other industries. We also discuss their advice for prospective engineers and how you can learn more about engineering as well!

We hope that by hearing from distinguished engineers and STEM professionals, you will have a better understanding of what a career in engineering may entail. We also hope that our guest speakers' stories will help inspire your own goals in STEM and engineering. Finally, we hope that our guest speakers' experiences will provide transparency on what successful paths toward engineering look like!

About Us

Innovator Insights was created by three bioengineering students and Husky 100 awardees at the University of Washington: Joey Liang, Suchi Gopal, and Lauren Holbrook. They share a deep-rooted passion for improving access to STEM, engineering, and higher education in their communities.

Suchi currently works as a Consultant at West Monroe. She has taught extensively at UW, ranging from "MATLAB Fundamentals for Bioengineers" to leading UW's Engineering Peer Educator program. Suchi has also led numerous other student organizations, serving as an Executive Board Member for Her Campus UW and the Bioengineering Chair for the Society of Women Engineers at UW. She is also passionate about student wellness and has served as a Program Leader at Unite UW and a Peer Health Educator for other UW students.

Joey is a current bioengineering senior at UW. He has created multiple mentorship initiatives, including the creation of the BMES Mentorship Program at UW and novel college panels with local libraries during the pandemic. Joey currently leads multiple student organizations at UW, serving as the Wetlab Lead for UW iGEM and the President of the Biomedical Engineering Society at UW. He also coordinates professional development initiatives for UW's Engineering Peer Educator program and has mentored his peers as an Academic Coach.

Lauren is a current bioengineering graduate student at the University of California San Diego. She led the BMES Outreach Program at UW, which introduces local high school students to bioengineering. Lauren's passion for outreach extends beyond the classroom, where she creates accessible toys for children with motor impairments and training tools for healthcare workers in low-resource settings. She has extensive teaching experience in introductory bioengineering courses and has served as a peer mentor for numerous years.


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